Aviation Management Diploma Program for the first time in Egypt Certified by Sadat Academy for Management Sciences – Ministry of Higher Education

 Aviation Management Diploma  

This diploma is designed to provide its students with the required skills and advanced knowledge in the Aviation industry to pursue a successful career in various sectors of the Aviation industry including airlines, airport authorities, civil aviation departments, air transport consultancies, and airlines

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?Why Aviation management diploma

Aviation Management Diploma enables obtaining the basic and necessary skills & knowledge to provide you with complete study helping you to join multiple positions in the aviation industry

If you are interested in the Aviation industry fields of airlines, airport management, airport operations, freight organization, or project management The Aviation Management Program will give you a closer look at many important aspects related to this specialized industry

The certification will enable you to develop many important skills, which will better help you to learn and dominate the various aspects of the Aviation industry in the 21st century. The study levels include subjects in Aviation management, statistics, law, market analysis, operations, strategies & marketing, study skills, and research methods

Aviation management study adds significant experience to students in aviation engineering, economics, business studies, and geography, especially those who have clear experience in the Aviation industry

This Diploma covers a broad area of ​​expertise related to Aviation management while enabling you to specialize in many fields in the aviation industry

Content of the diploma


Studying Duration

 Full academic year Saturday & Friday Except for the study period in Russia 3 months

Certificate of Aviation Management Diploma from Sadat Academy for Management Sciences Ministry of Higher Education

For interested An additional part of the diploma will be added in Russia



Certificate of Aviation Management Diploma from Moscow Academy of Science and Technology Russia

Diploma Students can complete studying aviation management master’s degree in Egypt or Russia

?Who Can Enroll

For international students, the University Council determines the conditions for their registration
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Fluency in English language (At least Good), and the Academy Council will decide to study all subjects in English or some of them
To enroll Aviation Management Diploma, you have to have Experience in the field of tourism or aviation

Career Scope


Aviation Management Diploma
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Diploma Students can complete studying aviation management master’s degree in Egypt or Russia

At the end of the Aviation Management Diploma, the student will be able to apply for jobs in the aviation field and apply for positions in the most important airlines such as British Airways, Virgin  Atlantic, American Airlines, Rolls-Royce. These positions include

Airport operations

Aviation Authority

Maintenance unit at the Aviation Authority

Parcel carriers

Department of Insurance

The finances of the aviation authority

Aviation journalism

Cargo Organizing



Aviation Management Diploma




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