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International Foundation for Science and Management (IFSM)

The International Foundation for science and management is an Egyptian Share Holders company and we are only official representative of Lomonosov Moscow State University in and official agent for more 50 State Universities

Foundation History :

As (IFSM) grows in the 21st century, projects continue to build on the collaborative approach used in our earliest work. Our programs are never designed solely by researchers; They reflect the ideas and work of practitioners and the interests and concerns of learners. We develop programs in partnership with the people who will use them and balance their diverse viewpoints and expertise. While we maintain a strong tradition of creating innovative curricula and resources for students, teachers, and practitioners, we have learned that good materials cannot succeed in isolation. Now more than ever, we are contributing to comprehensive solutions to complex problems. Moreover we have facilitated more than 1000 Students to study and have opportunities abroad Egypt in order to have the prestigious level of Education

Our success in obtaining the public and private funds to continue our work derives from the quality and dedication of our staff, the excellence of our work as judged by our clients and the importance of the issues we take on.

Our Vision

supervising the quality of education entity to adopt a universally recognized known by its decisions fair, objective , lead and excellence in the field of ensuring the quality of education at the local, regional and international levels and providing services and solutions to improve the quality of education in the communities who developing and we are always the best choice in the development of community through the provision of educational services, many of the distinctive and supervise the quality of education.

Our mission

Improve the quality of education and development of continuing to earn the trust of society in its outputs, and the adoption of educational institutions, according to its mission and its stated objectives, through the systems and procedures are independence, fairness and objectivity and methodology.

Education is the power of the times indispensable any society is to promote in any society, whatever its status and bringing it to be a society conscious civilized ahead and therefore we are

overseeing and develop to live up and maintain the quality of education to gain the confidence of the international community and to become an integrated system harmonized to facilitate ways of evolution in various walks of life.

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Our objectives

Evolution of the International Foundation educational quality in order to achieve the best possible performance and rely on a huge group of researchers, scholars, and use many of the scientific and practical experiences and a number of quantitative and qualitative tools to measure the improvement in the quality of education to achieve the desired goals.

The Foundation aims to develop and follow-up of educational processes in all parts of the world and in all disciplines and monitoring of educational quality for all educational institutions sponsored by the Foundation in terms of both academics and lecturers, or in terms of

Educational materials and their conformity with the reality of scientific and practical, or in terms of the educational institution providing the educational services.

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Growth Strategy

to provide educational services and bring advanced scholarship and training programs and submit them to the community through the establishment of branches and agents in the adoption of all of communities interested in developing educational services and the quality of
education in scientific and practical training and education of about 200,000 students per year in various fields.

The development of personal and organizational skills to the community we serve through various training programs, which aim to raise social consciousness and a culture of education and vocational training.

Serve and Implements Marketing Campaigns for our International partners in the effective aspects according to the mutual needs

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