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Russian language: Usually the Russian language Has 10 levels advanced but since the student will actually join the preparatory year so we have developed a sophisticated curriculum and simple to converse in Russian so that the student is able to converse and proficiency of athe principles of language to be able to communicate well and This is by foreign professors and Egyptians.

English language: It is very important to the student because it is the first language to be used there, so we have also prepared a specialized and intensive language proficiency in a short period.

Human Development: We have developed a specialized curriculum for human development which contains the most important elements of communication with others and psychological rehabilitation of the student to deal with the Russian people in terms of customs and traditions and how to communicate effectively so that the student does not feel lonely or introverted there and the development of memory skills and how to overcome the barriers of learning obstacles, During his years of study in his country, which is very different from the study in Russia, which depends on the application and understanding and mental abilities more than the capacity for conservation.

Computer and Information Technology Course: A special course in which the student learns about the latest technologies used by the Russian people in public life in order to be in line with the modern technological development in Russia.

The lecturers are Egyptian and foreign


Russian scholarships

Free program for students wishing to study in Russia in cooperation with partner universities


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