University friendship initiative

About University friendship initiative

It is an initiative that aims to bring together education providers around the world in general and to Egyptian and Russian educational institutions in particular. It invites visiting students, teachers, and representatives of Egyptian and Russian public universities to discuss ways of cooperation and cultural exchange between the two countries in a unique and different way
Through the initiative, international visitors from university representatives, students and faculty members engage with decision makers or their representatives in a global intercultural dialogue with the aim of learning about culture outside their own and hopefully creating lifelong friendships that extend beyond national borders

Initiative goals

Initiative goals

.Learn about different and creative international cultures, experiences and research
.Create and develop educational programs to suit different educational cultures
 Updating and developing education and student exchange programs and removing logistical obstacles with a new vision that fits the renewed international variables using modern technology tools while maintaining the educational quality that universities are keen on in their modern vision

Therefore, the International Foundation for Science and Management, which has a history of more than 15 years in international education and student exchange programs, especially between the countries of the Middle East and Russia, was keen to present a modern program proposal that would benefit all parties to the educational institutions participating in the initiative, to be the first project to be presented and implemented through the Friendship Initiative between universities

Student exchange program

Education is developing differently and rapidly in the era in which we live, from former correspondence education to online education today, which despite its increased popularity during the global epidemic of Corona and had an effective role in completing the educational process, but it leaves it with many negatives, the most important of which is the lack of an environment and an interactive medium, which It would raise the students’ response in this type of education and the inability of the receiving student to not evaluate his performance on a continuous basis, which is what realistic education provides him with in addition to the low element of competition and initiative among students and this is what higher education provides in the lecture hall. Actual communication between the teacher and students does not It can be completely dispensed with, especially with regard to quality in the outputs of the educational process from graduates and researchers

التسجيل - المهرجان الدولي للتعليم والثقافة
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