Usually an international student has an opportunity to have a home in Russia, either to be a student home, a rented apartment or a family home. It is very important that you find the best opportunity for you within your budget. Consider both the pros and cons before committing yourself to something. Your choice of where you live affects your academic success in one way or another.

University Student House

This is more likely opportunity. International students who live outside the city receive places in the students’ home. Homes are usually on campus or near the university. Most often, two students share four students in a room. In a small room in the students’ house, you will find a place to remember. The student hostels are usually equipped with shared kitchens, sports clubs, creative rooms and a buffet with food, drinks and laundry rooms. There are also locker rooms and bicycle parking spaces available. On site there is a permanent guard service.

Accommodation expenses shall be determined by the University. It can range from 150 to 5000 rubles a month, according to the university and the city, making it less expensive than renting an apartment. Payment can be made monthly or in the semester. Sometimes you can pay for the full school year. In this case some universities may offer you a discount..


Students who live in a student home must follow certain laws. It is axioms not to destroy furniture, keep the room tidy, do not make noise (loud music, TV, etc.), and notify the supervisor of residence if a colleague is absent for a long time. You must abstain from smoking and drinking alcohol in your residence in Russia. You will be notified of these laws as soon as you arrive.

You are entitled to a place in the Student House if you:

Full-time student enrolled in major educational programs (throughout the degree period)
Part-time student enrolled in major educational programs (for a temporary or end-of-year examinations).
Ask the university representative if you are eligible for a place in the student house when you apply to fill in the application form or search the university’s website.

Make sure to clarify all necessary information from the start:

Student House
I have rooms and services available
Cost and payment methods
If everything is suitable for you you can complete submitting your accommodation form. Remember that you can get a place in the student house only through the university representative and under the terms of the accommodation agreement. Companies and agents who claim to be able to find a place for you in the students’ home are a snob.

Rent an apartment

If your university does not have a student home or you do not consider it an option available to you for any reason you can also look for a rented apartment or room. Usually this is higher in price but you will be able to find a location and level of comfort suitable for you. If you plan to rent an apartment with your classmates or live with a host family you will be able to choose your neighbors.

Moscow and St. Petersburg know they have the highest apartments in the price. The smaller the country, the greater the price of the rent. For example, in Moscow in 2015, according to location and services available, a one-room apartment will cost you about 30-35 thousand rubles per month, and the room will cost you about 15-20 thousand rubles a month. In Novosibirsk the same choice will be the lowest in price by 50%.

Some universities help their students find housing and this includes finding host families. So first ask the university representatives whether they are providing similar services. This ensures quick and secure search for your accommodation choices. While looking for a suitable apartment you can stay in a student house