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 International Foundation for Science and Management

The Exclusive representative in Egypt & Middle East for Moscow State University
which is ranked among the top 50 universities in the world



Enhancing the quality of education and ensuring continuous development in order to gain the trust of the community and accreditation of educational institutions in accordance with their declared mission and objectives through independent, fair, and objective systems and procedures


Our objectives include elevating the global standard of foundational education to achieve optimal performance through the utilization of a diverse group of researchers and scholars, coupled with an abundance of scientific and practical expertise



Our vision is to lead the way in ensuring and accrediting the quality of education on an international level, renowned for its fair decisions, outstanding leadership, and excellence in guaranteeing world-class standards.
We aim to provide innovative solutions and services that reinforce the quality of education


We strive to reinforce the quality of education and bring advanced educational grants and programs to the community by establishing branches and agents and obtaining the accreditation of all organizations interested in developing educational services and ensuring quality education



Honoring Egypt’s Minister of Higher Education

!What we’ve achieved .. they truly talked about

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The International Foundation for Science and Management participated in the celebrations of the Russian National Day by invitation of the Russian Cultural Attaché, Mr. Murad Gatine.

International Foundation for Science and Management  honors a number of public figures

  • The International Foundation of Science and Management is a registered Egyptian joint-stock company subject to the Investment Law of 1978 and is the authorized agent for Russian government universities in Egypt and the Middle East with official contracts

  • The International Foundation registers students in Russian government universities with subsidized university expenses up to 90% of their counterparts in other countries. The student or guardian pays them directly to the government universities without the intervention of any intermediary. 

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The International Foundation for Science and Management is the international coordinator for the preparatory program for joining Russian state universities. 
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