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The international festival of education and culture

About the International Festival of Education and Culture


the international festival of education and culture (IFEC) 1st edition To participate in
supporting Egyptian-Russian relations in the field of higher education and cultural exchange
IFEC is presented by the International Foundation for Science and Management in

cooperation with the Russian Cultural Center in Cairo on August 13, 2022, at the
Tchaikovsky Theater with the participation of the elite of the Egyptian and Russian society and representatives from Egyptian ministries and universities for Honoring outstanding Egyptian students in Russia, in addition to a concert which will be recorded and published on the most crucial Middle-East TV channels and official electronic newspapers
The festival aims to strengthen cooperation in the education and cultural aspects with the participation of many influential figures, and to discuss ways to participate in higher education projects

First Project

It is an initiative that aims to bring together education providers around the world in general and to Egyptian and Russian educational institutions in particular

It invites visiting students, teachers, and representatives of Egyptian and Russian public universities to discuss ways of cooperation and cultural exchange between the two countries in a unique and different way

Through the initiative, international visitors, including university representatives, students and faculty members, engage with decision-makers or their representatives in a global intercultural dialogue with the aim of learning about culture outside their own, and hopefully creating lifelong friendships that extend beyond national borders

Study in Russia

Therefore, the International Foundation for Science and Management, which has a history of more than 15 years in international education and student exchange programs, especially between the countries of the Middle East and Russia

was keen to present a modern program proposal that would benefit all parties to the educational institutions participating in the initiative, to be the first project to be proposed and implemented through the Friendship Initiative between universities

Egyptian Educational Foundations
Egyptian Educational Foundations

Hosting students and teachers
Providing education rooms
logistics management
Legal government representation

Educational services Provider
Educational services Provider

Promotion and registration
Organizing and coordinating
Student Affairs Services
Providing educational tools

Russian State Universities
Russian State Universities

Educational materials
The exams
Graduation Certificates

University Friendship Initiative Goals

Updating and developing education and student exchange programs and removing logistical obstacles 

Create and develop educational programs to suit different educational cultures

Learn about different and creative international cultures, experiences and research

Foundation Year Center for Russian Universities

Education is developing differently and rapidly in the era in which we live, from former correspondence education to online education today, which despite its increased popularity during the global epidemic of Corona and had an effective role in completing the educational process, but it leaves it with many negatives, the most important of which is the lack of an environment and an interactive medium, which It would raise the students’ response in this type of education and the inability of the receiving student to not evaluate his performance on a continuous basis, which is what realistic education provides him with in addition to the low element of competition and initiative among students and this is what higher education provides in the lecture hall. Actual communication between the teacher and students does not It can be completely dispensed with, especially with regard to quality in the outputs of the educational process from graduates and researchers

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What we have reached in 2022

: Branches and Agents Today, We have 4 branches in the most important capitals of the Arab Republic of Egypt (Cairo and Alexandria) and we have 27 agents and representatives of the institution in various governorates of Egypt

: Official Representatives Today, we have representatives in the field of training in more than seven Arab countries, including: Saudi Arabia - Kuwait - Qatar - Sudan - UAE - Bahrain - Morocco

: Human Resources Today, we've got more than 100 employees to send more numbers and compensate for the losses that took place in 2020 for Covid-19

Preparatory Program for Study in Russia

One of the most important features of the program is a

preparatory course that qualifies the student

linguistically, scientifically and culturally before traveling

at the hands of specialized foreign lecturers from Russia

We are Proud That

Honoring the Egyptian Minister of Higher Education Dr. Khalid Abd Al Ghaffar

The largest number of Egyptian students who intend to study abroad annually choose IFSM to help them obtain the certificate of the previous consulate in Egypt and Egyptian embassies abroad

Not to mention that the increase in the number of students during the past years is due to the huge advertising campaigns carried out by the institution every year, in addition to the fact that we had a great honour to host and support the most important Russian officials in the educational field in our various branches, and we had a lot of activities in the Middle East

Why do Russian Universities Cooperate with IFSM

  • Professionalism in dealing with all parties with years of experience at dealing with the international students

  • Ensuring the presence of the Russian universities brand in the Arab markets and increasing the number of applicants annually

  • Ensuring the rights of the university with the students, whether physically or documentary and communicating with parents in cases of necessity

  • The foundation verifies the authenticity of the documents submitted by the applicants and submits them legalization from the consulate

  • Guaranteeing a fixed number of international students by the foundation annually effortlessly from Russian universities

  • The presence of an equipped representative office and efficient staff to perform any proposed events or Future projects for the university in Egypt and the Middle East

IFSM International Students

Three happy international graduate friends greeting in universit

Why do students register with the Foundation? and what are the special services we provide to them

International Foundation for Science and Management is trusted because it is an Egyptian shareholding Foundation under the law of investment of 1978 and it is an authorized agent for foreign public universities in Egypt and the Middle East through official contracts

التسجيل - المهرجان الدولي للتعليم والثقافة
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الفرع الرئيسي : 13 شارع سيدي جابر – بجوار نادي سبورتنج الترام – سبورتنج 

فرع القاهرة : 4 أ ابراج المعادي ستار – كورنيش المعادي – امام نادي الظباط 

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